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 Xuzhou Excellent International Trade Co., Ltd.

Xuzhou Excellent International Trade Co., Ltd. is a new trade company founded in Xuzhou city by its head company Xuzhou Huasheng Silk Products Co., Ltd., it specializing in the sale of fabrics, clothing and textiles (including but not limited to the silk quilts, silk pillows and other bed silk products and bamboo fiber products).


The head office is located in Ningjiang Industrial Zone, Suining County, Xuzhou City, it is a production enterprise with 26 years of experience in making silk products. The factory covers an area of 40 mu and the plant construction is 25,000 square meters. There are about 600 employees and 20 production lines, which ensure the monthly production capacity.


      In order to better control the costs, the head office contracted 1000 acres of agricultural land, hired professional cultivators to plant mulberry trees and feed the silkworms. In this process, no pesticides or chemical additives are used which make them grow naturally until they spinning the silk cocoons, thus ensuring the greenness and naturality of the raw materials.

      From the acquisition of silkworm cocoons to the output of finished silk quilts, the company provides one-stop service. The products have passed the certification of oeko-tex 100 and are exported to the United States, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia and other countries, highly praised by customers.

      The company is equipped with professional foreign trade team who familiar with product knowledge, well known the international market and proficient in export business, they can help customers analyze the market trends, give suggestions and solve problems in time and effectively.


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