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Featured Press

  • Notice of Product Price Adjustment

    Dear Sirs/Madams,       Due to the recent rise in the price of raw materials such as silk, the production cost has increased. In order to ensure the continuous and stable supply of high-quality products to customers, our company has decided to adjust the current price by stages. The increase...

  • Silk Quilt Underhâld en Wash

    1. Hâld de zijde quilt sanitaire, dus as net te fersmoarge; 2. It ûntwikkeljen fan in goede sliepende posysje te kommen dat twongen lûke it silk quilt; 3. Brûk it net yn in grutte luchtvochtigheid omjouwing foar langere tiid; 4. Om de hygiëne en it komfort fan de zijde quilt, dan moat wurde útstjoerd geregeldwei; 5. Han ...

  • Ferskil Tusken Mulberry Silk and Tussah Silk

                                              Mulberry Silk                           Tussah Silk                        Raw Material Color Silkworm feeds on mulberry leaves, artificial cultivated, its cocoons are crystal white. The tussah feeds on tussah leaves, wild silkworm, cocoons are most...