King Size 16 Momme Real Silk Quilt

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✦Real photos, oeko-tex standard 100 certificated product.

✦Quilt cover is made of 16 momme 100% mulberry silk which has characteristics of smooth, skin-friendly, breathable and comfortable.

✦The core is filled with 100% mulberry silk, light weight, anti-allergy and healthy.

✦It is quilted by the machine that makes the filler more stable and well-distributed.

✦Tab on four corners is designed for convenience of two quilts overlaped using in winter, avoid the buckle design hurting your body.

✦Both size, weight, silk filler, quilting patter, packing method and logo are supported to custom made.

✦Price below is the unit price for 500g tussah silk and mulberry silk, it is for your reference.

✦If you wanna know the specific price, pls kindly email us more your requirements i.g. size, weight, silk filler and etc., we’ll reply you within 24 hours.

  • Item No.: EIT-008
  • Shipping Port: Shanghai
  • FOB Price: $53.89 - 61.81
  • Lead Time: 7~25 Weekdays
  • MOQ: 10 PCS
  • Supply Ability: 5000 Pieces/Month
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    Make To Order


    Quilted by machine, patterns can be chosen.


    Double stitches with edge binding.


    6A grade 100% mulberry silk 16 momme.


    Oeko-tex standard 100 certificated.


    Smooth, breathable and elegant.


    Four tabs, easy to overlap two quilts.


    Multiple Size Options




    150*210 CM

    Twin Size

    (74*39 inch) 

    Double Size

    (74*54 inch)


    200*230 CM

    220*240 CM

    Queen Size

    (80*60 inch)

    King Size

    (80*76 inch)


    200*230 CM

    220*240 CM

    Cal King Size

    (110*96 inch)

    6 Major Cares of Good Sleep



    Benefits Of Silk Quilt


    1. Protect skin and promote sleep.

    Silk is a porous protein fiber formed by the solidification and fibrosis of liquid silk protein in silkworm. More than 97% of pure silk is made up of animal protein, which contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for human body. Serine can nourish the skin, increase the vitality of skin cells and prevent skin aging. The fine molecules emitted by 18 kinds of amino acids are also called "sleep factors", which can make people's nerves in a more stable state. Covering silk quilt can promote sleep, improve sleep quality, enhance human vitality and slow down aging.


    2. Two-direction adjustment, warm in winter and cool in summer.

    Silk has a very low thermal conductivity and contains the highest "silk volume void" compared to other fibers, which is easy to absorb and preserve air. When it is cold, it can reduce the thermal conductivity and keep warm better than leather, cotton and wool. When it is hot, it can remove the excess heat to make the temperature of quilt inside suitable. It has good cold resistance and constant temperature.


    3. Hygroscopicity and perspiration, comfortable and breathable.

    Silk protein outside the silk contains a substance called “affinity side chain amino acid”, it can absorb the sweat and water emitted by human body and remove them that keep the quilt inside dry, breathable and comfortable. It especially beneficial for patients with rheumatism, arthritis and periarthritis of shoulder.


    4. Anti-mite and anti-bacterial, close to skin and soft.

    It has anti-mite, anti-bacterial, anti-allergic and skin-friendly nature. Silk sericin has anti-mite and mold growth ingredients, which can prevent harmful organisms from invading the human body during sleep, it is more beneficial for allergic people. The chemical composition of silk fiber is similar to that of human skin, this similarity makes the silk very soft and static-free. It’s the best gift for young people, old people and modern women, and also a noble gift for friends and relatives.


    Product Descriptions


    Brand Yusi
    Support Service OEM/ODM
    Name Silk Quilt     
    Item No. EIT-008 
    Size 80*76" 
    Cover 16 Momme Real Silk
    Filling 100% Mulberry Silk 
    Weight 500 G
    Technique Double Stitches
    MOQ  50 PCS 
     Lead Time 7-25 Days 
    Packing Way Moisture Barrier Bag Per Piece
    Payment Method 30% T/T (the rest amount should be paid before shipment)
    Place of Origin Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

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