• How to clean mulberry silk? Identification of quality

    How to clean mulberry silk? Identification of quality

    Mulberry silk is rich in 18 kinds of amino acids and proteins. The correct washing and maintenance of mulberry silk clothing is very important, otherwise it will affect the service life of silk clothing. Xiaobian will teach you the correct washing method and quality identification: cleaning meth...
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  • China’s Home Textile Export Market Continues To Grow

          The China Home Textile Industry Association disclosed on the 25th that with the continuous growth of international demand, Chinese textile enterprises' ability to cope with the external environment has continued to increase, and the export of home textile products has shown strong vitality....
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  • One-third of One’s Life is Spent In Bed, Consumption Upgrade Accelerates the Light Luxury of Home Textiles

          How long can a person stay in bed in his lifetime? Statistics show that about one-third of a person's lifetime is spent in bed. The survey published by the German scientific magazine GeoWissen shows that if a person's life span is 78 years old, he has 24 years and 4 months to sleep in bed. ...
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  • Notice of Product Price Adjustment

    Dear Sirs/Madams,       Due to the recent rise in the price of raw materials such as silk, the production cost has increased. In order to ensure the continuous and stable supply of high-quality products to customers, our company has decided to adjust the current price by stages. The increase...
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  • Silk Quilt Maintenance and Wash

    1. Keep the silk quilt sanitary, so as not to be contaminated; 2. Develop a good sleeping position to avoid forced pulling the silk quilt; 3. Do not use it in a large humidity environment for a long time; 4. To ensure the hygiene and comfort of the silk quilt, it should be aired regularly; 5. Han...
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  • Difference Between Mulberry Silk and Tussah Silk

                                              Mulberry Silk                           Tussah Silk                        Raw Material Color Silkworm feeds on mulberry leaves, artificial cultivated, its cocoons are crystal white. The tussah feeds on tussah leaves, wild silkworm, cocoons are most...
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