One-third of One’s Life is Spent In Bed, Consumption Upgrade Accelerates the Light Luxury of Home Textiles

      How long can a person stay in bed in his lifetime? Statistics show that about one-third of a person's lifetime is spent in bed. The survey published by the German scientific magazine GeoWissen shows that if a person's life span is 78 years old, he has 24 years and 4 months to sleep in bed. Therefore, bedding is very important to our quality of life. With the development of consumption upgrades, people's pursuit of a quality life, and changes in demand for home textile products have also emerged.

      For consumers, the requirements are actually very simple. Once the basic needs are met, they begin to yearn for a quality life and need quality sleep. Naturally, their attention to home textile products will increase.

      Consumption data shows that more than 70% of consumers will choose mid-to-high-end home textile products. The person in charge of Suning Supermarket told reporters: “In the home textile industry, although product types have become more abundant and consumer demand has become more and more diversified, one thing is clear: more and more consumers are beginning to accept mid-to-high-end and light luxury products. Home textile products."

      Consumers' offline consumption also illustrates this point. The reporter also learned from Suning Tesco stores that most consumers have a strong sense of purpose in choosing home textile products, hoping to buy "good quality and higher-grade home textile products at a higher price."

      Consumption upgrade Suning joins hands with Rollei to create super brand day

      Under this trend of consumption upgrade, well-known home textile brands represented by Rollei began to be sought after by ordinary consumers. The person in charge of Suning Supermarket said: "During the past National Day, the sales of Luolai home textile products in Suning Supermarket soared, up nearly 200% year-on-year. This was mainly due to changes in consumer groups. From the past, only some people were willing to buy light textiles. Most people will choose luxury products until now."

      The sales data of Luolai Home Textiles in Suning Supermarket is only one aspect. The back-end data of Suning Supermarket shows that the sales of the whole home textile products have an explosive growth. At the same time, more than 80% of home appliance consumers have in-depth search and browsing in home textile products Said that when buying home textile products, consumers now choose very carefully.

      Gold, Nine, Silver and Ten Books is the explosive period of consumer demand for home appliances and household products. At this time node, Suning Supermarket and Luolai Home Textiles took advantage of the National Day consumption and launched the Super Brand Day yesterday. In addition to providing a variety of high-quality home textile products, it also brings extremely sincere discounts. Over 399 minus 100 can guarantee you a good night's sleep.

      "Because the new demand for home textile products is very obvious, similar to activities such as the Luolai Home Textile Super Brand Day, Suning Supermarket will continue to expand with more brands in the future." said the person in charge of Suning Supermarket.

Post time: Jun-23-2021