Pick silk quilt a touch two look three smell

Silk quilts are favored by many people because they are light, warm and environmentally friendly. However, how to buy many people are not clear. According to national standards, silk quilt refers to the filling contains mulberry silk and (or) crushed silk 50% and more of the quilt products. The filler contains 100% silk is pure silk quilt, the filler contains 50% and more silk is mixed silk quilt. Selection of silk quilt can be "a touch, two look, three smell".


Touch the feel. Silk is filled with mulberry silk and crushed silk. Mulberry silk is secreted by mulberry silkworms, the silk thread is thin and long, white with a slight yellow, and feels delicate and smooth. Quercus sericea silk is shorter and thicker than mulberry silk, and the original color is darker, so it is often treated with chemical agents to fade the color. The silk is more "silk glue", so it has a rougher feel and duller luster.

Look at the color and luster. When buying silk quilt goods, try to open the zipper, buttons, etc., to see the quality of the filling, preferably mulberry silk, long silk or medium-length silk quilt, pay attention to the appearance of the filling whether the color is uniform, whether the thickness is uniform, whether there is no obvious hard and soft cotton and hard silk tendons, whether there is staining.

Smell. When selecting, you can smell the odor. Generally speaking, the mulberry silk quilt will have a faint smell unique to animal fiber, but there will be no other odor, odor.

The silk quilt should be covered with a quilt cover for protection in daily use. After using it for a period of time, it needs to be dried under the sun with good ventilation to prolong the service life of the silk quilt and keep it soft and comfortable, but do not expose it to the hot sun. The quilt should be washed according to the requirements of the product instructions, and stored in a ventilated and dry place after washing, and do not press heavy objects on it.

Post time: Oct-18-2022