Silk quilt recommended to try not to get wet

Many people do not know how to clean and maintain the silk quilt, resulting in the short life of the silk quilt, many people are cleaned to find the silk quilt face, which is actually very unfortunate, then the silk quilt in the end can not be washed?

Silk quilt can be washed?

Generally speaking, silk quilt can not be washed, especially 100% mulberry silk, Quercus serrata silk and other filamentous cotton made. Because these quilts are washed after the silk is easy to slatted adhesion lost fluffiness and warmth. But some silk quilts can still be washed directly, after washing and drying pat can be.


Which types of silk quilts can be washed

The first kind: silk quilt made of short silk wool, the fiber itself is relatively short, fluffy feeling good. After quilting, it can be washed.

The second type: silk quilts mixed with chemical fibers, as long as the silk content is not too much can be washed because the chemical fibers can be washed and the fluffiness is good

The third: some special production of washable mulberry silk, Quercus sericea silk quilt, these quilts have 2 characteristics, relatively thin, while after the quilting. Only the thin ones can ensure that they are not easily overly sticky after washing, while the quilting process can also separate the silk.

Can the inner tube of silk quilts be washed?

The inner tube of a silk quilt does not allow washing or dry cleaning. If the inner tube fabric is accidentally stained, it can be brushed with a little water and slowly dried with a low temperature iron pad, but be careful not to expose the washed part to a heat source for a long time. The regular cleaning of silk quilts can only wash the outer cover. In case of necessity, the inner cover can be removed for washing after carefully cutting off the thread nails on the surface of the silk tire. However, this operation should not be done hastily and should be done by skilled personnel or by factory personnel to avoid damage.

How to maintain the silk quilt

1. First of all, you should choose the right weight of the silk quilt according to the season, the room temperature and the difference of the use environment, in order to keep the comfort of sleep. Attention should be paid to the cleanliness and hygiene of the silk quilt use so as not to make the silk quilt contaminated. A good sleeping posture should be developed to avoid gravity pulling on the silk quilt, especially not running and jumping on the silk tire to avoid deformation of the silk tire, especially to avoid children wetting the bed on the silk tire to maintain a good and orderly inner structure of the silk tire.

2. Silk quilt should not be used for a long time in a humid environment, so as not to silk silk gelatin quality change, which affects the flexibility of silk and silk tires and comfort.

3. Silk quilt must be air-dried before storage, to be cooled and then folded, the outer bag should not be too tight, do not put all kinds of deodorants, insecticides and other chemicals. Silk quilt should be stored in a ventilated and dry place, storage should not be subject to heavy objects for a long time of pressure, so as to avoid adverse effects on the shape of the silk tire hollow pine.

Post time: Oct-19-2022