Which one do you choose when comparing wool quilts and silk quilts?

There are many kinds of quilts, and the advantages of using different fillings can be different. Wool quilts and silk quilts are what many people are concerned about, so is it better to have a wool quilt or a silk quilt? Let's answer this question by introducing the advantages and disadvantages of each.


The advantage of wool quilts is that they are snug and warm. Wool has a natural drape, so quilts made of high-quality Australian wool are relatively snug quilts. Since the curled wool contains a lot of air, the air has a low heat transfer rate, which effectively prevents the entry of cold air from outside and the emission of hot air from inside, resulting in high insulation. Cashmere is highly hygroscopic and not easy to generate static electricity, so that dust and dirt are not easily attached and the breeding of mites will be inhibited to a certain extent. The disadvantage is that the quality is relatively heavy and hair loss will occur. It can only be dry cleaned or used to dry on the balcony. The silk quilt has excellent performance, long life, warmth and fit, and better overall performance.

Silk quilt has the characteristics of winter warmth and summer coolness, especially in the face of cold winter, can play a strong resistance to cold and warmth, Endeavour silk quilt is made of Endeavour silk, skin-friendly and cold resistance, and light weight, cover will not have a sense of bed chase, the disadvantage is afraid of pressure, will generate static electricity, silk quilt must not be pressed with heavy objects, can not be stepped on with feet, the price is relatively high, it is a silk product, so when rubbed in dry weather or high temperature will generate a lot of static electricity.

Silk is getting better and better for the following reasons:

1. In the same volume environment by weight, cotton quilt > wool quilt > silk quilt

2. In the same volume environment, sorted by warmth, hand quilt > silk quilt > cotton quilt.

3.Wool quilt will have odor if it is not handled well. However, it has high performance of heat insulation, elasticity, moisture absorption and moisture release. Wool quilt has another important advantage that it does not cause allergic reactions.

4. Silk quilts have the advantages of strong fiber tension, softness, and fit. The close-fitting and breathable mulberry silk quilt is much better than the down quilt, which is warm in winter and cool in summer. Another is static electricity, silk is not easy to produce static electricity.

Post time: Oct-17-2022