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✦It is made of 6A grade 100% mulberry silk 16 momme which is good for hair and it will not cause the static electricity.

✦The scrunchie width can be custom made, price below is for 2 cm to 6 cm.

✦Both color, silk momme, packing method and logo are supported to make to order.

✦Washing tips: better to hand wash. Put a small amount of neutral detergent or real silk special detergent in cold water, stir it first, then gently scrub and rinse with hands, do not wring but hang in the shade.

✦As a manufacturer, we have a low MOQ to support your business, that is 50 pcs per color.

✦If you have any pending orders or inquiries, pls feel free to contact us, we’ll reply you within 24 hours.

  • Shipping Port: Shanghai
  • FOB Price: $1.03~$1.82
  • Lead Time: 7~10 Weekdays
  • MOQ: 50 PCS
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Pieces/Month
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    Make To Order

    Handmade 100% mulberry silk scrunchie.


    16 Momme/19 Momme/22 Momme....


    The width can be custom made.


    Packing way can be made as requests.


    A very beautiful hair decoration for female.


    It can better protect women's hair.


    Multiple Color Options

    Pls kindly tell us the color no., the width and the quantity that you would like to purchase, so that we can update a new better price to you. If necessary, free samples can be provided if your side is willing to pay the shipping fee. The colors are suitable for both 16 momme and 19 momme.

    16mm+19mm真丝素绉缎114cm门幅 (1)_副本
    16mm+19mm真丝素绉缎114cm门幅 (2)_副本
    16mm+19mm真丝素绉缎114cm门幅 (3)_副本

    What Are The Advantages of Silk Fabrics?

    1. Silk fabric is hygroscopic and breathable.

    As we all know, mulberry silk is a natural protein molecule, which not only has good hygroscopicity, but also has good air permeability. Mulberry silk fabric can absorb moisture, both sweat and new&old metabolites from our body can also be absorbed by it, so as to keep our skin clean and avoid some bacteria breeding on our skin and affecting our health. The clothing made of silk fabric gives people a very dry and comfortable feeling. Moreover, it is also conducive to the prevention of skin diseases.


    2. It has skin care effect.

    The composition of mulberry silk fabric is very complex. It is a kind of protein fiber and contains many kinds of amino acids that are good for our body. Contacting mulberry silk fabric with our skin can promote the vitality of the cells in our body and prevent our blood vessels from hardening and resisting The role of aging, so as to maintain the smoothness of our skin, some beauty women are very fond of silk pajamas, it is very good for our health and skin beauty.


    3. It has an adjuvant treatment effect.

    Mulberry silk fabric has a good adjuvant healing effect on our skin inflammation and wounds. Using silk cloth fabric to wrap the wound can fully absorb moisture and promote evaporation, so that our wounds have a clean environment, thereby speeding up the healing of the wound.


    4. It also has anti-ultraviolet effect.

    Silk fabrics turn yellow under the sun, because it absorbs the ultraviolet light from the sun. We all know that applying sunscreen when going out is because ultraviolet rays are very bad for our skin. Silk fabrics can have anti-ultraviolet effects and prevent ultraviolet rays from harming us.


    5. Mulberry silk fabric is also flame retardant.

    In addition to anti-ultraviolet rays, silk fabrics have good flame retardancy. They are not easy to cause skin damage when exposed to fire, and they can also resist the harm of toxic gases to our bodies.


    Product Descriptions

    Brand Yusi
    Support Service OEM/ODM
    Name Silk Scrunchie     
    Item No. EIT-051 
    Size 2CM*57CM-6CM*57CM 
    Cover 16 Momme Mulberry Silk
    Weight 5 G
    Technique Binding 
    Packing Method PE/OPP Bag/As Requests
    MOQ  50 PCS 
     Lead Time 7-25 Days 
    Payment Method 30% T/T (the rest amount should be paid before shipment)
    Place of Origin Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province.

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