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  • Silk quilt recommended to try not to get wet

    Many people do not know how to clean and maintain the silk quilt, resulting in the short life of the silk quilt, many people are cleaned to find the silk quilt face, which is actually very unfortunate, then the silk quilt in the end can not be washed? Silk quilt can be washed? Generally speaking,...

  • Pick silk quilt a touch two look three smell

    Silk quilts are favored by many people because they are light, warm and environmentally friendly. However, how to buy many people are not clear. According to national standards, silk quilt refers to the filling contains mulberry silk and (or) crushed silk 50% and more of the quilt products. The f...

  • Which one do you choose when comparing wool quilts and silk quilts?

    There are many kinds of quilts, and the advantages of using different fillings can be different. Wool quilts and silk quilts are what many people are concerned about, so is it better to have a wool quilt or a silk quilt? Let's answer this question by introducing the advantages and disadvantages o...